so basically i tried this
I will provide and answer for you in 2010.
There are a couple of ways to do this.

First method requires at least one section in your project.

Open a 3d view, Duplicate it and rename the new view to something that you like ie 3D Section AA (or something like that)

Move your mouse over the view cube (should be top right of screen) and right click.
You should see a menu that contains "orient to view"
When hovering over "orient to view" a second fly out menu will appear with
Floor Plans
3D Views

Hover over the section category and a list of the sections you have in your project will appear. Select the section you wish to have as 3D

This will create a 3D view which imitates the section you selected. You can then manipulate the view like any other 3D view and it can be rendered.

Second method, If you don't have a section you want to replicate. Simple go to a 3D view>view properties and turn on your "section box" this can be manipulated the cut the building wherever you would like. It can then be rendered out.
then rendered in cloud and this keep happening

the problem goes away when removing the section box, HALP.