I trying to make a structure label style that will include a block. I used to use a block w/ an attribute to label pipe network structures using a multileader, which worked just fine. Now I'd like to use a C3D structure label to include much more data from the structure. I want the label to include the structure "name" enclosed in an ellipse (that is what my old block was), then various other data (rim, inverts, etc.) I have the label all set up the way I want it ...except for the ellipse around the first line of text, i.e. the name. lf I could use a block with attributes in a label, that would be great, however, I'm not very hopeful...so, is there any way to add a block (with NO attributes) to a label?? If nothing else, I can make the label with no name included, just space where it should be, then place my old multileader so that it lines up in that said space, but it would be nice to have one label that does it all! Anyone ever try getting a block into a label style?