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Thread: Item Mapping using Revit imported .RIF

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    Hey all, first post on these grounds so thanks in advance to anyone who might help. I have a working workflow for importing Revit 2016 MEP ducts and fittings into CADmep 2016. These are my own families, not those in the Revit Fabrication libraries. I have mapped a single system (call it system 1) complete with button codes and dimension mapping for each fitting type which is a time consuming process. The import runs well and the result is better than I expected. However, I don't seem to be able to re-use this mapping for a new system (call it system 2) and I need to redo all the mappings again. I am a newbie to this software so is there a trick to this?
    Cheers, Chris.

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    The typical workflow we use is to not map anything in the .map file that is used during import. Now you must having button mapping done to the items in the database. Once the design line is imported I will exclude items from the service that I don't want it to use during fill and double click the design line and select fill3d. There is a catch in that Revit export will add extra nodes that will need to be deleted first. To accomplish this click the design line Node>edit at the top. Select everything in the list that comes up and right click delete. This blows away everything but the nodes that are truly there. Now fill3d with the correct service. You might not have to exclude anything as it really depends on how your services are built. We have multiple pipe types in each service in a new tab that's why we need to exclude items. Hope this helps

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