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Thread: unable to save and close

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    Default unable to save and close

    When I open a drawing 2 .dwl's are created and am not able to save and close. First time to ever have this happen. Where does my problem lie?

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    Default Re: unable to save and close

    The .dwl files (.dwl & .dwl2) are normal and have nothing to do with the ability to save and/or close the DWG file. (These two files are used by the WHOHAS command to identify who has the drawing open).

    What is physically preventing you from saving and/or closing the DWG file?
    Are you getting an error message?
    Does it appear to be saving, but it's really not?
    Need more info please.
    Read the link above and see if any of that applies.
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    Default Re: unable to save and close

    The link you provided is exactly what is happening. My IT department is looking into the issue. This is also affecting other users.

    Thanks you!

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    Default Re: unable to save and close

    Did this issue just crop up, or been around for a while?

    Is your File Server (Domain Controller?) a Windows Server Hyper-V Virtual Machine?

    Do you notice "Time" being out of sync (yes, I'm serious)?

    If you're running +/- Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer, and the NETLOGON script (loaded at user logon) incorrectly syncs time using NET TIME <YourTimeServer> /SET /Y, your Time Server (most often also your Domain Controller [DC]) will be syncing the DC's time with itself (the Time Server), rather than the Hyper-V Host (a physical server). Virtual Servers measure time using CPU cycles like every computer does, so it is expected to have time periodically 'slip' following regular Windows Updates, maintenance, etc. when the Server is restarted (because the virtual CPU wasn't running).

    Time being out of sync causes problems with Kerberos authenticating your network traffic, resulting in slow/no saves, drawings being write protected (by you?!), network mapped drives will 'blink' as being briefly unavailable, files that were there will seem to disappear, etc.

    Should this be presenting an issue for your domain, instead of NET TIME, your NETLOGON script should be using the Windows Time Service (W32TM /RESYNC) which syncs time with an external (Microsoft's?) Time Server.

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