Hi there!

I'm having some issue exporting with batch exporter. I have Navis 2015 and revit 2015.
I saw that I can export the entire project or the views containing the word "navis" in their name.

A made a few tests and with simple files, I have no problems exporting either way. But unfortunately I start having issues with very big and "professional" files.

1- Entire project: I can't exclude the space rooms. They are rendered as phisical items and they obviuosly clash. "export room geometry" is not selected but it will export rooms anyway. Since it's not possibile to delete items in navisworks, how can I solve this problem?
I know I could simple hide this items, but I always use "hide all/unhide all" so every time I should remember to hide it again and that could cause false clashes. Is there a way to "permanently" hide an item/selection that I don't know?

2-Navis views: As said, with simple projects I have no problems.. But with 20/100 Mb files (I export 5 files at a time) I get super glitchy .nwcs.. Some are 400kb instead of 5 Mb, some are empty and some are not even created. What can cause this?

And in general, what's the best way to export several nwcs without problems?