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Thread: Drawing Duct Systems Faster

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    Lightbulb Drawing Duct Systems Faster

    Hello All,

    I wasn't really sure where to post this, so I hope I'm in the right place. I searched 'add on' 'duct draw' and couldn't find much.

    I worked for a company that had/has a GREAT duct drawing add on or something for their AutoCAD. It was called "ductdraw". It was amazing. I've since left said company and my new firm has what they call ductdraw but it's really just a glorified way to draw multi-lines and if using round duct, it will draw in the elbows, which is nice, but quite cumbersome coming from what I was used too.

    So, I'm hoping some of you might help.

    The ductdraw I used at the old company had a short key (dd) and it would bring up a dialog box with the option to choose square duct or round, how to display the size of the duct (by x or /) and you could change the system it would draw it on. So, to get started, you would pick a point, draw and any time you cornered it would put in a square elbow or round depending which you were drawing. If you picked a point on a straight run then another along the same run (as in continuing the run) it would ask you if you wanted to TRANSITION, then to what size, and which type of transition to put in. It was like, Revit before Revit!

    Anyway, I'm looking for something similar, and will pay for it if I have too, I just want something that works, fast, and is customizable to my company's standards. I found these 3 add-on's but they were from a free download site and clearly don't want to download something that could be detrimental, so wanted to see if anyone has used them before:

    eDucts 1.1
    eDuct (by CCAD)
    Design Master HVAC

    I'd appreciate any advice or help!

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