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Thread: Improve Pipe Network Editor Functionality

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    Default Improve Pipe Network Editor Functionality

    Summary: Improve Pipe Network Editor Functionality for changing structure types and pit/pipe setout point differences.

    Description: The pipe network editing tools are limited at the moment in that you have to individually select parts to swap them. In the network properties vista you should be able to select any number of structures and change them to a new part with ease.

    Generally editing a network that has already been created is fairly tedious. So if you are picking up someone else's work you need to evaluate whether creating a new network or editing the existing one is the quickest thing to do.

    Another feature would be to improve the functionality for structures where there may be more than one inlet or more than one outlet and the pipe linking point isn't the structure setout point. Often you might want to set a different pipe connection point for one or more incoming/outgoing pipes. A good example is a large diameter system where you have two pipes in parallel and at regular intervals they enter a common rectangular junction pit. The pit has a setout point and then each individual line has setout as well so more flexibility is required. SSA handles the multiple in/out situation easily but C3D doesn't.

    Product and Feature: AutoCAD Civil 3D - Alignments

    Submitted By: Altad on 01/25/2016

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    Default Re: Improve Pipe Network Editor Functionality

    Can we tack on the ability to edit multiple structures at once? Change multiple Frame and covers, change multiple sump depths etc.


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