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    So the office I work in is going paperless and we are looking for a product that we can utilize to check the drawings. They would like to be able to mark the drawings up using a stylus on a large screen then the person picking up the redlines would be able to review their markups. So basically I am looking for solutions that include hardware and software.


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    That used to be DWF with the Design Review application, but the latter has been discontinued. In theory the replacement is on Autodesk 360 but as that's an external cloud system it makes it unsuitable for some. About the only thing left is plotting to PDF and using any of a number of different review tools to mark them up.
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    I'm surprised no one's mentioned Bluebeam yet. I haven't gotten into it myself, but hear good things.

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    Yeah, dgorsman answered as I would have.

    At my last company, I set up viewing/plotting stations with monitors as big as a full-sized print, where anyone could schedule time to review their plan sets.
    I'd imagine when the time comes they need to change, they'll be going with PDF review. I always hated that, though, from a document management perspective, I liked keeping my docs in vector formats.
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