Summary: Display data in section view bands from corridor points (strings)

Description: It would be useful to only display data in the section view bands at selected corridor point locations.

The problem that I have regularly is that if you have a corridor that has baselines that are not perpendicular to the base line being sectioned then when you create a surface for your section views you get triangles that don't coincide with a corridor frequency.

This means that when the sample line crosses each triangle edge you get a segment or grade break in you section.

So if you are trying to display offset/elevation data for key points only across your section (i.e. corridor code points) you also get a lot of unnecessary points each time the sample line crosses a triangle.

I would like to see the ability to either:

1. Create sample lines (sections points) that use corridor strings (point codes) only. That is in terms of other design software I would like to section the strings not the surface. (PREFERRED)

2. Alternatively I would like to see the ability to use corridor data in the section bands.

Product and Feature: AutoCAD Civil 3D - Section Views

Submitted By: Jason.Kroll374013 on 02/10/2016