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Thread: AcedCylinder::intersectWith fails in arx 2015

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    Exclamation AcedCylinder::intersectWith fails in arx 2015


    Is there is change in intersectWith function in ACAD 2015 my code work with Object arx 2014 but in 2015 it returns false.
    Below is sample command to get intersection

    static void CheckIntersection()
    double m_DH = 2000.0;
    AcGePoint3d org(0,0,0);
    AcGeVector3d m_xAxis(1,0,0);
    AcGeCylinder cylA(m_DH/2, org, m_xAxis);[/FONT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000][FONT=FrutigerNextW04-Regular]AcGeLineSeg3d intLine; 
    AcGePoint3d pt1(0.52257073158706313,10.637171608585087,-1000.0000000000000);
    AcGePoint3d pt2(0.52257073158700185,10.637171608585087,0.00000000000000000);
    intLine.set(pt1, pt2);
    int nrInt;
    AcGePoint3d p3, p4;
    //AcGeTol TOL;
    Adesk::Boolean stat = cylA.intersectWith(intLine, nrInt, p3, p4);
    if(stat == Adesk::kTrue)
    ads_printf(L"cylA.intersectWith successfull");
    ads_printf(L"cylA.intersectWith FAIL");

    here in 2014 arx intersectWith returns true and in 2015 it returns false .
    Please help...

    Thanks & Regards,
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