Hi everyone, I use Revit daily for drawing, modeling, and coordination and have been having wrist pain. I've tried a few different mouse types such as the Logitech track ball, the Evoluent vertical mouse, and the DXT vertical mouse. Each has helped some but only temporarily.

The only other idea I have is a pen tablet such as the Wacom Bamboo or Intuos Pro. I've read through various forum posts and find that though not many people use these products, most of the people who do use them are satisfied - after a short adjustment period.

Can you give advice on the specifics to help me purchase the right product:

1. The "Medium" tablet has an active area of about 6"x9". There is also a large and a small size. Which size is ideal for Revit?

2. The Pro tablets appear to have pressure sensitive pens and extra buttons, however some people have stated disagreement on whether those are useful for Revit. Does that mean a cheaper tablet version may work just as well for Revit?

If you have any other feedback also, I'd appreciate it.