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Thread: Info on Document Management for Real Estate

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    Default Info on Document Management for Real Estate

    Where would I start looking for information on dwg and document management for a national company with a portfolio of thousands of buildings large and small.
    We outsource this currently, but I'm looking to become educated on this aspect of my work. I come from Architecture, so companies are small there. Architecturally we were also only involved with the project life, not the building life.


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    Default Re: Info on Document Management for Real Estate

    Is this more inline with Facilities Management? Or strictly file management?
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    Default Re: Info on Document Management for Real Estate

    Yes, I'm curious what type of thing you're looking for. Simply storage, organizing drawings and documents? or Active management of the portfolio like a Lease Management or CAFM software, with the ability to query the data and report on it?

    There are total solutions for CAFM (space, maintenance, real estate, asset & occupancy), then there are real estate specific products (sometimes with maintenance or project management or space add-ons, but, they're focused on leasing features).

    If you are looking purely to manage the documents as themselves, check the Similar Threads feature at the bottom of this post, it will guide you to some existing discussions.
    If you're looking for lease management or similar software, we can move this post to the Facilities Management - In Practice forum so it doesn't get lost in the higher volume of autocad questions here.
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