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    Hi all,
    What I am posting I believe that most of you would know, however I decide to posted anyway.
    I was modeling a house in AutoCAD 14, and when I was subtracting a solid from another solid I realize that I was using the wrong color. After the operation the entire solid changed into the wrong color. I try to change the property but did not work. Then what I did I snapped on the solid property, I changed the color BY BLOCK and then switched back to BY LAYER and voila’ it worked.
    Hope this would help someone.
    Joe Ferreri

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    Default Re: Change color of solid

    Thank you, Joe Ferreri!
    I received a model from a consultant who had generated their model of a building that had every structural concrete member, every structural steel member and every roof purlin, as well as every bolt modelled as solids. Every solid had a colour override! I thought changing all the colours would be a nightmare, but your method just did it!
    Thank you!

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