I have a bit of a strange one that I can't replicate.

On a couple of occasions when I open a Revit family saved on our network, I have edited & saved, the backup file is created but the main file is not, so all I am left with is the backup file of the original family.

I tend to use close & load into project so I do have the updated family in a project.

I get no error messages so unless I have realised it hasn't created the new file there is no warning. First time it happened I just thought user error but as it kept happenning on a few files I had Windows Explorer open at the same time to see it happen, the backup file would appear, and the main file disappear.

I managed to do a Save As to a different folder, then try and move the file in Windows Explorer to the original folder, it would do it but then it would pop back without and errors or warnings. I tried to copy the file which it would, but the copied file then disappeared without errors or warnings.

I have had a template file go missing leaving all the backups too, I assumed at the time someone moved rather than copied it but I was puzzled why someone wanted a copy.

We have recently changed our server and now use Server 2012 R2. Talking with the IT guys they are now using deduplication so I have asked they exclude RFA, RVT & RTE files from that.

IT say it only happens with Revit files so it is a Revit issue, Revit support says it is a network issue.

I need to try to see if this happens on locally saved families next time it happens.

Any similar experiences or suggestions?