I am a newbie here so be kind to me.

I have recently started a new role for a large health care operator and I am in the process of gathering as much information about our buildings as possible. Up to now the building archive consists of hand drawings, older autocad pdfs, newer autocad files etc. It is one part of my new role to collate all this into a BIM model using Revit. I know I will have many questions about that as I go along, however that is not what I am currently unsure of.

We will soon be purchasing a CAFM system which we will use as a delivery portal so contracters, engineers and consultant can login and get a copy of our up to date model. The plan is they will then go back to their offices, create, draw etc and then when the project is finished come back with up to date models. In theory it is very simple, we give, they change, model gets updated. However in reality we will have many small projects running independant of each other. Our CAFM system will of course be able to keep its data up to date, as the contracters will have a stipulatated demand to up date the relevant information for their particular building element, be that windows, doors, ventilation etc from within the delivery portal.

The scenario I am trying to describe is that the day our model becomes finished, it will already be out of date, as new projects will start almost immediately This is an older facility in constant development. It is possible for us to have 10 projects running at the same time, which have absolutely no link to each other. How do I keep my model up to date. If it was a new building, finished, I would have an as built version, when the next project starts, i would give a copy of this to the contractor et al, and I could use work sharing, copy monitor etc. But in reality I will have many projects and it could be very confusing and nigh on impossible to manage. ANy suggestions or examples of how I can approach this?