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Thread: Rotate Project North - Fix needed

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    Default Rotate Project North - Fix needed

    Summary: Rotate Project North command under Project Location]Position does not rotate everything. We want it to rotate everything like the command says it should do.

    Description: Several key items are still not rotating properly and have to be rotated manually since Version R14 -
    The following is a list of object types not rotated by the Rotate Project North command:
    • Text
    • Some Floor-Based Component Families
    • Decals, Symbols, Property Lines
    • Detail Lines, Detail Component. Detail Groups
    • Masking Region
    • Repeating Detail
    • Filled Region
    • Revision Cloud

    Autodesk's current suggestion is...
    To resolve this issue, you need to manually rotate any excluded object types after using the Rotate Project North command ...Really

    Having this fixed would be an amazing time saver.

    Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Site tools

    Submitted By: k.bel4design on 04/12/2016

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    Default Re: Rotate Project North - Fix needed

    Check out the new features of 2017.
    Go back to AutoCAD? I'd rather lose my right arm!

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