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Thread: BIM Data Day at RTC

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    Default BIM Data Day at RTC

    So, any FM folks attending the Data Day at RTC next month?
    I opted to pass this year, because none of our current clients are making use of BIM with their CAFM/IWMS yet, but, I really wish I was going to join in on the data discussions. In my experience, not many design teams pay as much attention to data as they could or as I would have preferred back when I was on the owner's side, so having a discussion on 'what to do' rather than 'why we can't offer' etc is kind of exciting.

    July 13th, Scottsdale AZ, USA

    Data Day is an event specifically focused on both current and potential use of data within the AECO/FM industry.
    These are some of the big questions we’d like to pose and answer. We’ll discuss what tools can help us become more ‘data-savvy’; more equipped to deal with it intelligently, more effectively. We’ll collaborate to come up with ideas you can implement in your own businesses.

    • Identify what ‘data’ is to the AECO/FM industry, and what the key challenges our industry faces are, in relation to it.
    • Identify what data matters most to your business, and what you can do to better seize its value – through implementable idea generation.
    • Develop a graphic ecosystem of ‘data management’ tools useful to those in our industry.
    • Identify how data can be leveraged at each stage of a built project lifecycle for collective stakeholder benefit.
    • Identify skills required within our industry to solve industry problems.
    • Learn what methods other industries have employed to solve similar issues in theirs.

    RTC: What lessons have you learned that would benefit the AECO/FM industry?Guy: As our clients have grown in size and both their delivery methods and staff recruitment and retention needs have become critical, my role has expanded alongside. The primary lessons I have learned in serving these clients are:

    • All data strategies must align with business goals.
    • In order to show clients and deliver that alignment, you must be prepared to innovate.
    • Listen to your client, then research what they do not know about themselves and package that in useful form.
    • You cannot wait for clients to ask you to innovate.

    RTC: What challenges did you face that you have overcome or are still wrestling with?
    Guy: The primary challenges I see in this space are:

    • Assumptions by software companies as to what data clients are really consuming and managing.
    • Project phase silos in both design firms and builders companies that do not allow required coordination.
    • Clients and real estate entities that are still using outmoded methods for cost and schedule management.

    Guy: I look forward to sharing what we have learned at IA, and while focused on interior architecture, I feel that there is great value there in understanding the role of life-cycle data management.
    I'd love to hear from anyone who goes, and see just how much good meaty discussion takes place (and how much of that centers around 'owners are too clueless to know what they need'. )
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