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Thread: Timeliner - Match Start/Match End not working with Animations

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    Default Timeliner - Match Start/Match End not working with Animations

    I have an animation set up, and I want to use Match Start in Timeliner to tie it to my activity. However, the animation never runs in Timeliner if I use Match Start or Match End. It will only run on Scale. Is this a bug that anyone else has run into?

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    Default Re: Timeliner - Match Start/Match End not working with Animations

    When you match to the start or end, the animation will run to the timeframes in your animation as if in "real" timeliner time, i.e. a 1 minute animation scaled over a two day activity, lasts for two whole days in the timeliner replay, but when it matches the start the animation only lasts for only a minute of timeliner time, so it's over in a flash and you don't see it. At the end of the animation the object reverts to the original position and follows the requirements of the task type configuration (construct, demolish etc).

    So if you are demolishing something in the first 5 days of a 10 day task then you would need to space out the animation keyframes over 5 days of animator time. Then you would need to add a keyframe a few minutes after the last keyframe to scale the objects to 0 to hide them, then a final keyframe at the 10 day point to make sure they do not reappear. So really it would just be easier to add another 5 day demolition task.

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