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Thread: Turning AutoCAD solids into surfaces

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    Talking Turning AutoCAD solids into surfaces

    Does anyone know of an easy way to convert solids into surfaces?

    I am a MDT user for the last eon or so, but have a large bevy of AutoCAD blocks I created to share with customers. One of these customers has said that he can not use solids and asked if we had them in surfaces. I am currently trying to find out what software he is using, but didn't know if this was going to be a major task.

    Anyone been through this hoop before?


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    Default Re: Turning AutoCAD solids into surfaces


    Check out the following Technical Documents on the Autodesk web site under the Knowledge Base section -

    ID: TS77255 - Conversion of 3D models to other type of model

    ID: TS24335 - Converting 3D objects into polyface meshes or 3D faces


    Have looked also taken a look at simply Exploding the 3D Solids (should find they turn into Regions).

    Have a good one, Mike

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