GIS Mapping
I have a drawing from the County containing every Lot in the County.
The lots are Closed Polylines, with Object Data containing the Block and Lot number info.

I want to write a Lisp routine where I select the Closed Polyline, then pick a point, and ACAD inserts an attributed block at that point with the Block & Lot number filled in for me (I already have this block, use it almost every project).

The routine should be easy for me to write, but I have not been able to determine how to extract the Object Data.
A plain old ENTGET does not get the Object Data.
It's apparently not a ENTNEXT thing, that just seems to get me the next polyline in the drawing.

All I need is to set a variable to the value of the Object Data, and I'll be able to complete the routine.

My googleing yielded nothing...

Thanks Guys!