Good day.

I have a problem where, when I check in files to Vault from Outlook or elsewhere, the file name ends up being too long.
  • The check in process gives me no warning to say that the file name is too long.
  • It doesn’t even give me the option to give the file a smaller name during check-in.

Instead, I only find out when I try to open the file later.
  • But when I get to that point, I can’t even rename the file, to correct the problem – it gives me the same error.
  • I end up, unable to do anything to the file, except try delete it - and it still gives an error message then.

Please tell me the best way to prevent this from happening, or at least a workaround.
If there is a setting that prevents outlook from prefixing attachments with their parent email’s subject, I would be grateful to know about this and where to find it - AutoDesk help files are not incredibly helpful.