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Thread: AU Las Vegas question..

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    Default AU Las Vegas question..

    long time autocad user, but never made it to an AU event.. finally get to go this year. i have 5 questions for someone who has been there before. i selected several questions and some are back to back.
    #1- are there things to do if i leave several hours between classes? #2- is the monday "Freshman orientation class" really necessary? or will i be ok tuesday if i make it? #3- is there an android app for the event? #4- i read a blog about competitions but havent found any info on them, are there competitions and if so what kind? #4- what are the "behind the scenes" events? again, i read this on several blogs. #5- a coworker mentioned he may go but not take any classes.. is it worth him to go if he doesnt take any classes?

    thanks for the responses!

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    Default Re: AU Las Vegas question..

    1. Yes. (See #5 also)
    2. I would suggest it. If nothing else, you should meet some veterans to help answer Q like these, and some more rookies with whom to explore AU.
    3. Yes.
    4. IDK off the top of my head.
    5. It depends. What will he/she do? Play games in the casino? Attend various user research forums? I mean there are things to do and see w/o going to classes, but you'll have to scour the agenda and plan them out in the same manner.
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