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Thread: Autocad Architecture 2017

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    Default Autocad Architecture 2017

    Hi All, i have now started to use ACAD Arch 2017 and would love to know how to use the renovation mode properly. I know there is a topic in the help section but it is not detailed enough for me.

    So my question is does anyone know where i can download a very good tutorial concerning Renovation Mode and how to use it correctly.

    Grateful for any help, thanks.

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    Default Re: Autocad Architecture 2017

    I have seen some autodesk authored videos on it.
    Google it.
    Go on youtube and search it.
    I don't use it because I don't like the layers it creates but it does do some cool things. For me it's a bit weird that they adopted this (it was 3rd party I believe) when there were some much more generic tools that were much better and had wider use but I think Autodesk had demand for such a tool.

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