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Thread: project manager won't open projects

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    Default project manager won't open projects

    The Open Project function in Project Manager has suddenly stopped working. I can open a recently used project and I can create a new project, but when I click on Open project my ACADE freezes. If I hit escape I can work again. I have tried repairing and reinstalling, but nothing seems to fix this problem. Anyone have similar problems?

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    Default Re: project manager won't open projects

    If your lastproj.fil (ACADE's last project file reference) has become corrupted, it will frequently cause errors in project opening / creating processes. Try to delete the lastproj.fil file, also be sure that the path for this file is in the trusted path list under your Autocad options / files dialog box. I have had ACADE do everything from lose all listed projects to the symptoms you describe when this file goes bad.

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