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Thread: Security update breaks Revit 2014 batch print

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    Default Security update breaks Revit 2014 batch print

    I ran into a problem with my users yesterday. When batch printing to Acrobat or a printer from Revit 2014 users would get this error:


    One user found a possible solution from a web site stating to lower the resolution. This did not work.
    I finally determined a Windows 10 security update was responsible.
    After uninstalling KB3176493 the problem went away.

    Has anyone else had this issue?

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    Default Re: Security update breaks Revit 2014 batch print

    We had this issue with a Windows 7 update last week. We received the same message when generating PDFs using Adobe - from any version of Revit. Uninstalling Security Update KB3177725 seems to have resolved it for us.

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