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Thread: Help with drawing steel rebar in 3d?

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    Question Help with drawing steel rebar in 3d?


    I have these two sections of a reinforced concrete column, Section A: is located at elevation Z=0
    and Section B: , which is 3.38 meters above Section A Z=3.38 , the two shapes are concentric.
    ٍSection A is 100x50 cm, and Section B is 80x40 cm, Rebars are closer together in section B than they are in section A

    I want to extrude the red circles in the section A and make them extrude inclined to connect with Section B red circles,

    In other words, the steel rebars in the column are inclined to make the column section smaller,

    Thanks and sorry for my horrid English, not a native speaker
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    Default Re: Help with drawing steel rebar in 3d?

    This has probably been resolved by now, but I will give an answer.
    The easiest I can think of is to draw a line from the center of the lower circles to the center of the upper circles. Make sure the lower circle is perpendicular to this line. Then use the extrude command, select the lower circle, type P for path, select the line you just drew, then enter for yes. This will extrude the selected circle along the path of the line.
    That's my best shot without having the drawing or having more information.

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