I would like to know which approach in developing a hybrid template would any of you use? Hybrid because here in Puerto Rico all surveys are metric including topo quads and FEMA's panels but we have an American market so speed are labeled in mph and commercial pipe diameters are in inches. Everything else that I can think of, that would be a Civil 3D feature is metric. Except that metric Hydrology is Chinese to me and every other hydrologist I have crossed path with.

I have a good imperial template and my approach is to convert the feature or object styles into a metric template but all label styles would have to be built from scratch or from the stock metric template. There are ways to develop excel tables that would generate translation scripts but it needs work anyway?

What would you do???

I will appreciate all comments, content and/or ideas!

Thanks in advance!


PS- Do not think that the Autodesk templates and country kits are either NCS or GSA compliant. They comply with NCS 3.1 which is as old as Autodesk...!