Just wanted to post a tip for new users to 3dsMax. I've noticed that sometimes when I bring in geometry from other programs like Revit or Sketchup, the object's origin point (i.e. where the pivot handle is) shows up in wildly different locations. To correct this, I've posted a couple screen shots on where to go and what to do to return these values back to the center of the object, OR to place it wherever you need it to be.

Click on the Object you want to adjust the "handle" on. Handle referring to the grip you use to manipulate the object's position, scale or rotation.
Pivot points.jpg

In the Hierarchy tab view the options for Adjusting Pivot.
Hierarchy Tab.jpg

Click on option you desire to adjust where that handle is located.
Adjust as needed. Use snaps or the alignment tool below.

Affect Pivot.JPG

That's it! I've found this very helpful when rotating certain objects and when I need that rotation point to be on the end and not the center of the object.