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Thread: Create Radius Points On Feature Line

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    Question Create Radius Points On Feature Line

    I have a feature line (curbs on a parking lot island) that I am trying to create survey points on. Civil 3d states that if I use the Create Points - On Line/Curve that it will "Creates a point at the endpoint of a line, feature line, lot line, or arc and on points of intersection (PIs) and radius points for arcs."

    It will create points on the end points of the feature line (and any break points) but will not create points on the radius point of the arc. I have to go in manually and set the radius points.

    My question is: How do I make it set the radius point of the curve?

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    Default Re: Create Radius Points On Feature Line

    It seems to be just what the description says, 'arcs'. It needs to be an 'arc' object type to have the radius point created with that command.

    I ran a couple test and the result varies based on the object type you use it on.
    If its a polyline with curves it created only the beginning and end point of the entire line.
    If it was a feature line, or a parcel, it created the end points, points of curvature (PC) and points of tangent (PT), but not radius points.
    I exploded the polyline into lines and arcs. When I used it on those arcs is when it made the radius points.

    If its an alignment you can have it create points at geometry points. This function creates all the same points as a feature line plus radius points, midpoints of all the curves and, at the end of the process, it goes back along the alignment and creates the points of intersection for the curves. You can exit the command before it creates the PI's if you so desire. The other points are created sequentially along the alignment.
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