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Thread: Mouse middle button (wheel) playing you up

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    Default Mouse middle button (wheel) playing you up

    Experiencing issues / problems with your mouse middle button (wheel) ie.

    Can't Pan.

    Can't Zoom.

    OSnap menu not displaying.


    The below information might just help resolve such issues / problems....

    Autodesk Knowledge Base:

    ID: TP2490728 - Side Button Mouse Customization for the OSNAP Menu

    ID: TS71373 - Set mouse thumb button to open object snap menu

    ID: TS69028 - Activate object snap menu from Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer mouse

    ID: TS74883 - Wheel mouse zooms or scrolls drawing window when text window is active

    ID: TS72578 - Unable to zoom using mouse wheel

    ID: TS45716 - Zooming with Logitech Wheel Mouse

    ID: TS84054 - Cannot pan or zoom using IntelliMouse wheel button

    ID: TS17268 - Enable and disable real-time pan on middle button of three-button mouse

    ID: TS65759 - Wheel button on mouse does not perform zoom functions

    ID: TS19115 - Adjusting zoom percentage and scroll value for the mouse wheel

    ID: TS22795 - Cannot pan or zoom with mouse wheel

    ID: TS76296 - Mouse wheel not zooming

    ID: TS26915 - Using Joystick mode with a wheel mouse

    ID: TS20605 - Wheel mouse panning function is not started

    ID: TP5147130 - Using ZOOMFACTOR

    AUGI Forum:

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