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Thread: Mouse right click button playing you up

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    Default Mouse right click button playing you up

    Experiencing issues / problems with your mouse right click button ie.

    Right click menu is not displayed.

    Right click does not invoke "Enter".


    The below information might just help resolve such issues / problems....

    Autodesk Knowledge Base:

    ID: TS31084 - Shortcut menu is not displayed when SHIFT key and right mouse button are pressed

    ID: TP00079 - Time Sensitive Right-click

    ID: TS16872 - Changing right-click behavior

    ID: TS31569 - Dialog box is displayed when clicking right mouse button

    ID: TS16320 - Changing the default action for the right mouse button

    ID: TS10805 - Right mouse button doesn't display context sensitive menus

    ID: TS66581 - Right-click does not invoke ENTER

    AUGI Forum:

    Edit Mtext in Right-click menu

    Right-Click doesn't work

    RIGHT CLICK GONE since I loaded WaterCAD

    Short Cut (Right Click) Menu

    Shift-Right Click Not Working

    lost my right click options

    Right click short-cut menu does not display

    Missing Osnap Popup

    Right Click Shortcut Menu

    Mouse problem - unable to right-click to receive the shortcut menu

    right-click menu options not there

    OSnap menu is not working for my right click.

    Osnap shortcut not working

    How do I restore my 'shift + right-click' object snap menu in 2005?

    Mouse right click not working.

    Shift + Right click does not bring up OSnap menu

    Shift+Right Click Snap override gone

    Right Click Short Cut Menu disappeared.

    AutoCAD LT 2002 - Right mouse button no longer equals ENTER

    AutoCAD 2007 - Right Click is not working

    No Right Click Selection via mouse
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