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Thread: State Area of Hatch when Selected

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    Default State Area of Hatch when Selected


    Is there a way of getting a Field to state an area of a hatch with minimal clicking?
    I know how to assign a field to a hatch to state the area, however I'd like a feature so that people new to cad can easily click on a hatch and have the area stated in sq m and sq ft, without going into the field to assign it.
    I have had experiences of people making mistakes when translating the states sq mm into sq m.

    Thank you in advanced.

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    Default Re: State Area of Hatch when Selected

    Many lisp solutions for labeling area available with a quick search.

    To many units, precision description options and other settings involved to make it a simple universal command. Still possible, but many users may get frustrated with setting it up. Doubt AutoCAD wants to risk folk blaming them when the area displays incorrectly because it wasn't set up correctly.
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    Default Re: State Area of Hatch when Selected

    'state" as in label? or 'state' as in display? for former, see Tom's answer. For the latter, consider looking at the Hatch Properties for area.

    (and if people are having issues converting mm to m, buddah bless them if they ever have to deal with imperial units)
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