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Thread: Hatch patterns playing you up

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    Default Hatch patterns playing you up

    Experiencing issues / problems with Hatch patterns ie

    Hatch pattern displays broken up.

    Spacing too dense or hatch pattern too small.

    Hatch pattern not displaying.

    Hatch pattern origin in wrong location.

    Gradient Hatch pattern not displaying as you wish.


    The below information might just help resolve such issues / problems....

    Autodesk Knowledge Base:

    ID: TS60223 - Hatch patterns display incomplete or broken up

    ID: TS32120 - Starting point of hatch is in wrong location

    ID: TS17458 - Use MaxHatch system variable to control hatch density

    ID: TS76597 - Error: EHatchTooDense

    ID: TS82277 - Unable to drag associative hatch or gradient to tool palette

    ID: TS81672 - Gradient fill plots with bounding box

    ID: TS40955 - Hatch patterns not visible when working in drawings from earlier releases

    ID: TS67839 - Settings that control printing of filled text and solid hatches

    AUGI Forum:

    Concrete Hatching problems

    Using a Spline as a Hatch boundary?

    Move Hatch Pattern Origin

    User defined hatch problem

    Hatch problem

    Fix "Broken", Random Looking Hatch Patterns


    hatch patterns gone goofy

    hatch problem

    AutoCAD LT 2005 - Hatch issues

    Hiding Hatch patterns.

    Solid Hatch not displaying

    Gradient Hatching @ angles

    Gradient hatching a lake

    Hatch Pattern density

    Exploded-looking AR-CONC hatch pattern?

    hatch pattern problem

    different hatch pattern table

    Hatch pattern becomes "scrambled"

    Same old Hatch problems... Valid hatch boundary cannot be found...

    Why does my hatch not draw as it is displayed?

    Hatch pattern with a mind of its own!

    Gravel hatch is all broken up

    Hatch does not show up in drawing

    Hatch Pattern Too Dense

    Finding break in hatch boudary

    Error: Hatch spacing too dense or hatch size too small

    Same Hatch pattern, same scale, displays differently in two separate DWG files

    Hatch scale/angles different per computer

    All of a sudden some of my hatches are displaying incorrectly - broken up
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