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Thread: Volume from solids

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    Default Volume from solids

    Summary: show the volume off a solid object.

    Description: show the volume off a solid object.

    Product and Feature: Navisworks Manage - Data Tools

    Submitted By: Wim De Winter on 10/22/2014

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    Default Re: Volume from solids

    Navisworks doesn't work with solids, it effectively "skins" the objects in triangles for performance reasons. That makes dynamic calculation of volume inaccurate. I would suggest ensuring the objects in question have a volume property from the originating software.
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    Default Re: Volume from solids

    This is a massive restriction for us:
    The fact that it can't get volumes from 3D Solids
    That it skins 3D objects which makes sectioning hard to visualise when comparing objects.

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