We've had an issue that we've never seen before and I wonder if anyone else has experienced it and knows how to get around it.

When the file was sent to Backburner, the name had a two digit number at the end of it, e.g. "Filename01.jpg". This was done for a legitimate and specific reason so it wasn't a mistake. You would think that when Backburner rendered the images it would name them



We have found out after the fact that what Backburner actually did was render the file to the same image named "Filename01.jpg" multiple times. In other words, a several hundred frame render came out as a single file that is just the last frame in the list.

Has anyone seen this before? Is this an obvious error that we should have known to avoid? I'm relatively new to Backburner but when we have done the same thing but rendered to a single machine the naming process ends up as expected in the list above - Filename010001.jpg, etc. It seems odd that Backburner would treat it differently but it apparently does so.

Any help/advice would be appreciated.