Summary: How many times have you selected the wrong part/face/edge when constraining? Then you have to click the "1" button with your mouse. Wouldn't it be much easier to just use shift+TAB to change focus to the first selection again?

Description: This should also be used for all other functions throughout Inventor. Some functions can have many selections in the first option, and then it's also easy to switch to the next selection using TAB. Or switch back afterwards to the first selection again using shift+TAB.
Also, I think that when the first selection has been made (e.g. in Place Constraint), then that part should be somehow temporarily translucent. I've seen other users getting annoyed that they cant select the face/edge they want in a constraint, this because they had already selected a edge in that part in the first selection (and maybe they didn't hit what they thought they hit in the first selection)
Also, TAB order should be fixed for all dialog boxes. Now the focus is all over the place when I use TAB/shift+TAB, and not consistent.

Product and Feature: Inventor - Other

Submitted By: astrand740290 on 12/13/2016