We've been struggling with Revit work sharing in a networked environment. We can create a central file. We can create local files on two machines, but for some inexplicable reason, we cannot create a local file on the third machine. It may not seem to make any difference, but here's the scenario ...

Everyone has the same "Build" of Revit. Everyone is working in Workset1. No one is checking out a work set. Yes, they all know that is not the most efficient way to use work sharing, but they're doing it anyway, even though they are placing themselves in a situation where they may be inadvertently overwriting each other when synchronizing to central. It's the old, "We can take the first-pig-to-the-trough approach" because we are constantly verbally communicating with each other [ read that, "We're in the same room. We don't think the project is big enough to justify creating multiple work sets" ].

When we first experienced the failure of the third machine to download, create and save a local file, we did check to make sure that the server file path was correct on the third machine, but fixing that didn't help. The third machine still will not create a local file, citing a "schema" issue. I even suggested that the third machine might be set to an earlier internal cpu date time, but that is just grasping at straws.

Has anybody else run into this and found a solution ?