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Thread: 2017 ESTmep Match Properties

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    Default 2017 ESTmep Match Properties

    I have to change the insulation specs on part of my duct-work but not on all of it. Ratter that double clicking each item on at a time, it there any kind of match properties command that EST has?

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    Default Re: 2017 ESTmep Match Properties

    Use Multiple Item Properties to apply the same insulation spec to multiple selected items.

    If it doesn't show up as a property, you many need to configure your fabrication database to use Insulation Spec as one of the Multiple Item Properties. Multiple Item Properties is configurable as to which properties it displays.

    As an alternative, you could wrote a COD script to do this as well. Search on and you'll likely find examples as well as a large user base who can help.

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