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Thread: Drawing drownig a good workstation

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    Default Drawing drownig a good workstation

    Dear All,
    Recently we designed some services for a commercial building.
    As we had 30 different clients, joining while we were designing, we decided to approach the plan using dynamic blocks for their updating capabilities.
    But, in some point working in this specific file become a nightmare.

    We are working on Windows 10, my workstation is an I-7 6700, with 8Gb of RAM. nothing fancy. Nevertheless, my colleagues are less fortunates and have older computer.
    I can't understand why freezes our machines so often.

    We have Our X-Ref in our server, I tried to purge, audit, and make every file local but it makes no difference.
    Can a kind soul use an audit tool or a keen eye to point us how approach a similar project next time?

    Thanks AUGI community.
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