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Thread: I want my exported dwg look the same as in revit

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    Default Re: I want my exported dwg look the same as in revit

    Maybe I needed to be convinced. Thanks for your replies.

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    Default Re: I want my exported dwg look the same as in revit

    If you're worried about printed pdf from a dwg, you don't have a lot of options.
    the pen sets (.pcp) files are there to create your penstyle tables with. They are unique for each drawing.
    If you're looking to get consistency of the drawings you'll need to write some scripts, and I'm not talking about 1 or 2.
    Our CAD genius spent about 120hrs the last time we needed to do this on a project to convert everything to a client standard and then we still need to adjust text and things.
    I know I've worked on state projects that required you to use Revit, and then provide them autocad drawings based on their standard.
    After many years of trying to convince them they were wrong, they no longer care what the cad files look like.
    I think you may need to lobby your city for a change.
    Getting great Autocad files exported from revit takes a lot of work. If this is just for permitting, I don't know why they'd care what they look like.
    Option B is you could set up a layer translate file to convert what's not part of a block to a correct company standard layer.
    Just some thoughts.

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    Default Re: I want my exported dwg look the same as in revit

    I know this post was from a few years ago and not sure if this option existed then, but in Revit 2024 at least there is an option in .dwg export settings under the 'Colours' tab which will export colours as they are displayed in the view. I think this will do exactly what you want.

    Screenshot 2023-09-15 161635.png

    And to the naysayers - wanting to export a dwg with the same graphic settings that you've already laboriously set up is a legitimate thing to want! I know colour-by-layer is how people have used autocad for decades and decades, but it is a pretty old school approach and a complex mapping back to layers shouldn't be, (and thankfully isn't) necessary. It shouldn't need to be said, but visual legibility, i.e. allowing people to understand what the important parts of very complex drawings is is incredibly important, (basically our entire job), and can't be achieved if you're forced to accept essentially random colour assignment to every element in your model.

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