I using AutoCAD MEP 2017 and it’s on Windows 10.

I have a project template which I had setup on my old laptop computer. The laptop had Windows 7 on it an I used it on AutoCAD MEP 2014 and AutoCAD MEP 2016.

What I do is set up the template with one architectural construct, one mechanical construct, and one sheet. This has all the settings that I use with all the filename standards in generic form that I use and the fields etc. in the drawing border that I use on the sheet. Done! I haven’t used “Elements” or “Views” as I have not needed to. This has been carried out successfully on my old laptop as before.
I then just copy the high level folder to the location in our client folder and rename the project to the project name in the Project Navigator, followed by the renaming of the generic filenames to the project specific filenames in the Project Navigator. I am then ready to play.

Sometimes, I get linking problems with the constructs (don’t see the constructs in the Project Navigator), and so I go into the Project Properties dialogue box to re-link the files in the ADVANCED heading [ I forget the name of the sub-heading because (and this might be part of the problem) it isn’t showing up ]

However, when I go into the Project Properties and click OK, I get this message: “The sheet template could not be found” “Please specify new template”.

I go into the folder in Windows explorer and all the files that should be there arethere. Until I can link all the files in the Project Navigator, I cannot set up a project (unless I do it all from scratch every time I start a new project! Doh!).

Can anyone help, please?

Many thanks. Tim.