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Thread: Pointcloud in AutoCAD suddenly degrades in visual quality.

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    Angry Pointcloud in AutoCAD suddenly degrades in visual quality.

    Does anyone know why x-referenced point cloud can suddenly degrade in visual quality?

    This is what happens in my case. I insert a point cloud scan into AutoCAD drawing and it looks almost perfect. When zooming point cloud regenerates and its quality is corrected. When I zoom very close I can see neat rows of points that were generated by the laser station. When I zoom out AutoCAD regenerates and fills the visual gaps of the point cloud, so I see almost perfect photography-like scan.
    After while AutoCAD auto-regenerates the view and point cloud quality decreases significantly, huge gaps appear in the point's fabric and I cannot see neat rows of points anymore. I can barely see the picture up-close, so I have to zoom out significantly in order to see general overview. Of course detailed view is list, so the whole point of having a pointcloud inside DWG is lost.

    My settings for point cloud are:
    Maximum point cloud points per drawing 25000000

    Does anyone has an idea how to get back to that perfect scan that I inserted in the first place? I have suspicion that AutoCAD unloads huge part of points without my consent to increase productivity, but is there any setting to restrict that? Might that be that I use 8GB RAM?

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    Default Re: Pointcloud in AutoCAD suddenly degrades in visual quality.

    I would try turning off adaptive degradation. Not sure if it will work but its worth a try.
    performance settings
    uncheck adaptive degradation

    Addition to earlier post:
    Have you added more point clouds to the current model. As you attach more point clouds, Autocad shares the "Maximum point cloud points per drawing" between all the point clouds that are attached, even if they are unloaded. Detach the point clouds that are not in the immediate area and regenerate the view. The point cloud quality should return; if not, reload the point cloud.
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