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Thread: Help viewing hidden lines as dashed

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    Default Help viewing hidden lines as dashed

    So I am having trouble viewing hidden lines.

    I want to set my "3d wireframe" view to show all hidden lines as dashed lines. I thought that the "Hidden" view did that, but in the middle of a work session it suddenly stopped doing that and all lines that should have been dashed just disappeared.

    I went into the Visual Styles Manager, selected "3dwireframe," set "Occluded Edges" to dashed, and what should be the hidden lines disappear, not change to dashed.

    Any thoughts as to why my hidden lines are disappearing? TIA.

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    Default Re: Help viewing hidden lines as dashed

    Did you select "Yes" to "Show" the "Occluded Edges"?
    Also check ltscale, setting to a lower number may help.
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