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    I'm very new to 3Ds Max. I'm running 2017. What is the best way to get my revit model into Max? I've tried a few different ways and every time I think it's about to work Max crashes. Do I want to import an FBX file or The actual Revit file? I'm also hoping once this is achieved that I can link The Revit and Max together so that if and when any changes to the Revit model are made, Max will update. Is that possible? I can't find any tutorials on what seems like pretty basic beginning steps. But I can find 100's of advanced tutorials. I'm looking for some direction and guidance and a starting point. Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: IMPORTING and STARTING

    Revit + Max stopped connecting in 2016, even though there's a previously existing connection through the link manager. It always "looks like" its about to work then doesn't. I've never had it crash before while linking. I eventually got it to work in 2016 but there was a HUGE scaling issue.

    My current workflow is this:
    Get the Revit model accurate in terms of materials. walls/windows/doors/etc.. can change forever.
    Export to FBX.
    Link the FBX into Max. If it won't link, Import. Importing is a last case scenario since it creates some downstream issues with materials.
    Change materials in Max ONLY if I want to lose them (potentially lose them) everytime I re-import a new FBX from Revit.
    Make changes in Revit, re-export, re-import/link.

    Sadly this is how I did it back in 2011/12/13 in the "early days" of Revit to Max live linking. Revit+3dsMax was a subscription upgrade in 2011. Hard to believe they scrapped it moving forward. Also, hard to believe Mental Ray isn't pre-installed with Max anymore. 3dsMax is loosing a lot of its advantages. Instead of making it better, Autodesk is making it worse year after year.
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