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Thread: Lisp to update blocks from excel file Acad 2017

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    Smile Lisp to update blocks from excel file Acad 2017

    Good Morning!
    I am looking for a lisp routine that will update the loading tree diagrams on my Transmission line drawings. The loading trees are attributed and I have and excel file containing the information for the loading trees
    The lisp should populate the blocks when the lisp is loaded. I have upload a typical drawing scenario and excel file. Your help is appreciated.
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    Default Re: Lisp to update blocks from excel file Acad 2017

    AutoCAD Express tools has two great functions: Export Attributes and Import Attributes. Export Attributes creates Tab Delimited text file. This text file can then be opened in Excel. But it must remain a Tab Delimited text file. You can map this AutoCAD data into another excel spread sheet for further manipulation in other documents etc. but the integrity of the original text file must remain. Use this master text file to make any changes to the attribute values and then use the Express Tools "Import Attributes" to import the modified values from the text file. As simple as that.

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