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    Summary: Visual Clipboard - I frequently cut and paste linework and text from drawing to drawing, or text from word documents to CAD. See last 10 items to pick from rather than trying to remember what the last item you cut was and being limited to that.

    Description: In Civil Design and plan preparation, I frequently (meaning hundreds of times per day) cut and paste linework and text from drawing to drawing, or text from word documents to CAD. Some of the cutting and pasting is repetitive and some of it is random, one time only.
    The common difficulty is when I have clipped something to paste into a couple dozen plot sheets, but don't want to open all of the sheets just to make the one change in each, especially if I have a ton of changes to make in those sheets. So, I typically leave one sheet open with the item to cut and paste while working in the sheets.
    Clipboard only holds one item at a time, and there is no visual way to see what has been clipped, so if you don't remember the last item on the clipboard, and paste the wrong item, you have to backtrack ........ happens frequently.
    A tool that would be very useful would be a Visual Clipboard that could hold more than one item and would give you an image clip of each, or the last ten that you cut.
    I thought of creating a Tool Palette or Design Center spot for temporary clips, but it seems cumbersome and would take maintenance.

    Product and Feature: AutoCAD Civil 3D - User Interface

    Submitted By: marshallme1260674938 on 06/01/2017

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    Default Re: Clipboard Cut/Paste - Visual Clipboard

    Clipboard is an operating system thing, not a CAD thing. So i will never expect the people at Adesk to ever do anything to help with this. I'll suggest that you google for a clipboard replacement. IIRC I used one back around WinNT 3.5 era that worked pretty well, -- but have not gone looking since then.

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    Default Re: Clipboard Cut/Paste - Visual Clipboard

    Try this, it works pretty good and seems to be what you are looking for.

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