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Thread: Help with autolisp (2 lisp programs in one lisp execution)

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    Default Help with autolisp (2 lisp programs in one lisp execution)

    Hi to all My name Javier
    Thanks in advance to all that help with this one.
    I have a lisp program that use on every drawing, its my os1 lisp (osnaps). My problem is that when i execute another lisp program, my osnap lisp turn off and i have to invoke the os1 again. Can I include my os1 lisp at the end of other lisp programs. I would like to have the os1 execute after other lisp program executes. I included a lisp program to draw T profile and the os1 lisp. I would like for the os1 to execute after the TEE Profile is executed, so that i don't have to execute the os1 every time i execute a lisp program.
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    Default Re: Help with autolisp (2 lisp programs in one lisp execution)

    (defun c:T-profile ( / osmode pt1 CL SH T1 T2 pt2 pt3 pt4 pt5 pt6 pt7 pt8)
     (command "._layer" "_M" "SECTION" "")
     (setq osmode (getvar "osmode" ))
     (setvar "osmode" 0)
     (Setq pt1 (getpoint "\nEnter the point: ") ;Starting point;
           CL (getdist "\nEnter the Cap length: ")
           SH (getdist "\nEnter the Stem Height: ") 
           T1 (getdist "\nEnter the Stem Thickness: T1 ")
           T2 (getdist "\nEnter the Cap Thickness: T2 ")
           pt2 (polar pt1 0 t1)
           pt3 (polar pt2 (/ pi 2.0) (- SH T2))  
           pt4 (polar pt3 0 (+(/ CL 2) (-(/ T1 2))))    
           pt5 (polar pt4 (/ pi 2.0) T2)
           pt6 (polar pt5 pi CL)  
           pt7 (polar  pt6  (/(* pi 3)2) t2) 
           pt8 (polar pt7 0 (- (/ CL 2) (/ T1 2)))
     (command "pline" pt1 pt2 pt3 pt4 pt5 pt6 pt7 pt8 pt1 "")
     (setvar "osmode" osmode)
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