Does anyone know why x-referenced point cloud can suddenly degrade in visual quality?

This is what happens in my case. I insert a point cloud scan into AutoCAD drawing and it looks almost perfect. When zooming point cloud regenerates and its quality is corrected. When I zoom very close I can see neat rows of points that were generated by the laser station. When I zoom out AutoCAD regenerates and fills the visual gaps of the point cloud, so I see almost perfect photography-like scan.
After while AutoCAD auto-regenerates the view and point cloud quality decreases significantly, huge gaps appear in the point's fabric and I cannot see neat rows of points anymore. I can barely see the picture up-close, so I have to zoom out significantly in order to see general overview. Of course detailed view is list, so the whole point of having a pointcloud inside DWG is lost.

My settings for point cloud are:
Maximum point cloud points per drawing 25000000

Does anyone has an idea how to get back to that perfect scan that I inserted in the first place? I have suspicion that AutoCAD unloads huge part of points without my consent to increase productivity, but is there any setting to restrict that? Might that be that I use 8GB RAM?