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Thread: Pipe Structure Leader Plan view point to center

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    Default Pipe Structure Leader Plan view point to center

    Summary: Allow the leader to point to the center of a Pipe Structure in Plan view

    Description: when adding a label in the plan view the arrow points at the outside edge of the structure. It would be nice to have the options to make the arrow point at the center of the structure in the plan view.

    Product and Feature: AutoCAD Civil 3D - Pipe Network

    Submitted By: jmyers487961 on 06/23/2017

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    Default Re: Pipe Structure Leader Plan view point to center

    Plan, Profile, Section --- we should have COMPLETE control via grip editing to place the bloody arrowhead wherever we want it.

    Crud like this is why C3D gets a D- in basic drafting.
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    Default Re: Pipe Structure Leader Plan view point to center


    This makes me think of these, regarding basic drafting, and better (perhaps not complete) control over 'labels':

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    Default Re: Pipe Structure Leader Plan view point to center

    You could get almost to the center by using an altered arrow head style for the leader. All the OOTB arrow shaped arrows insert at their pointed tips. I noticed the Dot ones insert at their centers ... and extend into the limits of the structure. Hmmm, so I thought to build my own arrow shaped arrow with its insertion point shifted so its tip goes beyond the end of the leader tip. There is no option for a 'user' arrow so I highjacked one of the standard ones I never use a redefined it. It kinda sorta almost works. It varies by orientation and scale.

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