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Thread: "Hairy" lines after updating to Revit LT 2018

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    Default "Hairy" lines after updating to Revit LT 2018

    Hi, I just updated from Revit LT 2017 to 2018 and now all the lines in my model and drawings look "hairy", like they have been drawn in Windows Paint 1995 (see attachment for comparison between old and new version). Is this how Revit 2018 is supposed to look like or is there a setting I am missing that is causing this?
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    Default Re: "Hairy" lines after updating to Revit LT 2018

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    It may either be an 'outdated' graphics card for 2018 (Options - Graphics), or if you have two graphics cards, Revit 2018 is using the wrong one. Right click on the desktop icon, and select "Run with Graphics Processor", and then choose the correct graphics card (Nvidia, for example).
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